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How to organize your swim with Baiadigrotta.it

A no-hassle solution to organize your crossing and record your swim in the Official Gold Book of the Strait of Messina.

EMAIL: nino@baiadigrotta.it

Our Service includes:

  • Assumption of Responsibility and Lead of the crossing by Giovanni Arena.

  • Supply of escort-boats (minimum two) as requested by the Maritime Authorities' Ordinance, with all the features and equipment required by the Port Authority, including the presence on board of persons with knowledge of the English language for communications with vessels sailing through the Strait. The boats will always be led by experts of the area.

  • Service of Medical Assistance provided by professionals with specific experience in the field.

  • Service of Ambulance with experts in First Aid operations.

  • Service of Lifeguards provided by FIN (Italian Swimming Federation)-affiliated professional personnel.

  • Sponsorship of the event by a FIN-affiliated sports team, as requested by the Port Authorities.

  • Undertaking of all the necessary paperwork with the competent offices, including the application and the withdrawal of the autorization.

  • Service of Official Timing provided by Italian Timing Federation (FICR).

  • Inclusion of the official time in the Official Gold Book of the Crossing of the Strait of Messina.

The Application for the service provided by Baiadigrotta.it must be sent  HERE  and must specify:

  • Number of swimmers, personal data, period of the summer in which you want to swim (from May 1st to October 31th).

  • FINA swimmers (members of a team affiliated to their Country's Swimming Federation) must also provide a copy of their personal sports-team membership card, in order to be covered by FIN/FINA insurance - and save on insurance costs.

  • In any case, you MUST provide a valid Medical Certificate for Competitive Sports (specific for swimming).

EMAIL: nino@baiadigrotta.it


Who is Giovanni Arena 

A professional helmsman on the Ferries that sail every day across the Strait, Giovanni is one of the most respected "lead" for the swimmers who have tried the crossing in the past few years. Besides that, he is also a strong athlete in his own right: a member of  Nuoto Milazzo C. Nicosia, he has crossed the Strait in 37'08" at 54 years of age, setting the over-50 record on the single-crossing.

A quick glance at the Gold Book reveals that many among the fastest swims have been led by Arena: male's best time on the Single Crossing set by son Andrea in 2015;  my record of the Double Crossing; female's best and second-best times on the Single Crossing; the second third fourth, fifth, seventh  male's best times on the Single Crossing,  female's breast-stroke record ... All these results were achieved with Arena at the helm.

But not only fast swims: Giovanni Arena has also led some of the most interesting exploits performed by not-so-fast swimmers: octogenarian Finy Fichera's Single and Double Crossing, seven years-old Gaia Cautela's swim (the youngest swimmer to ever complete the Crossing), and the heroic achievement by young disabled athlete Andrea Cadili, among others.

All of these crossings tell about the sensitivity of an expert lead who can suit a race course and strategy to fit the ambitions and the strength of each athlete.

Who is Nino Fazio

Nominated by the Open Water Source for the "Open Water Swimming Man Of The Year" Award in 2010, Nino is a long-distance swimmer, historian and promoter, born in Messina in 1961. With more than 100 open water races and 20 crossing of the Straits, he currently owns the records on the double-crossing of the Strait of Messina (1h.22'23") and the Vulcano-Capo Calavā (21 km from the Aeolian Isalnds to mainland Sicily, 5h.35'05"). His best time on the single crossing is 35'28". He has also swum from the Aeolian Islands to Sicily three more times, for a total of three Vulcano-Capo Calavā crossings, and one Vulcano-Milazzo. As a competitive open-water swimmer, he has participated to two finals of the Italian Championships, with an eight place in 1989 as his best result.  "Baia di Grotta" website is the result of his efforts as a researcher, and he has compiled the gold-book of all the Crossings of the Strait officially recorded since 1930 here.

A few of my swims from YouTube's  Baia di Grotta Channel):

traversata Vulcano-Capo Calavā 18/07/1987 video1

traversata Vulcano-Capo Calavā 18/07/2005 video1

record traversata Vulcano-Capo Calavā, 23/07/2006 video1 - video2

doppia traversata dello Stretto di Messina, 20/07/2010 video1

record doppia traversata dello Stretto di Messina, 02/09/2010 video1 - video2 - video3

traversata Vulcano-Milazzo, 07/07/2011 video1 - video2 - video3

An architect by training, he now owns a vintage guitar shop and sells his instruments through Real Vintage website. 

email me here

Page edited by Nino Fazio - nino@baiadigrotta.it

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